Grilled Food Week

Since we don’t have the cold snap anymore and temperatures are back to the 30’s we resumed grilling our dinner. I love grilled meat, fish, vegetables. When it comes to meat, one does have to plan ahead because some marinades require 24 hours, and the sticks have to be soaked in water overnight. It is also easier to grill when you use two bamboo sticks instead of just one.


  • Periperi Chicken – a Portuguese and African recipe, I tried my first “African Blackened Chicken” in Macau and then Bangkok. In Lagos we simply keep a couple bottles of Nando’s Periperi sauce in the pantry, so I was thrilled when hubby found them in Fred Meyer’s here in Spokane. Just combine it with olive oil and baste the chicken with it — this also works great with roasted chicken and porkchop before we owned a grill. My latest attempt involves adding chili garlic hot sauce and some Worcestershire sauce for extra kick and flavor.Or you can try this recipe.
  • Grilled Porkchop – use this recipe to marinade the meat, but add a teaspoon each of rosemary and thyme leaves. I also reduced the amount of salt by a third or even a quarter, but let it marinade for two hours. Then I dump the marinade while using a strainer to collect the pepper flakes, rosemary, and thyme to rub on the meat. For that rich barbecue flavor I brushed some Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce.
  • Beef Kebabs – This is my second attempt with this marinade,  and I messed up by substituting black pepper with Montreal Steak Seasoning. Next time I will use only a teaspoon of the seasoning, and probably only a quarter of lemon juice, as it was too lemony for my taste. My father-in-law, however, loved it this way, because it tasted like beef jerky according to him.
  • Grilled Vegetables – onions, zucchini, yellow squash, red or yellow bell pepper, and mushrooms always turn out good. I got mixed results with carrots, eggplant, and potatoes. My husband liked the tomatoes.

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