Easy Egg Muffins

and healthy, too! This was my post-workout meal today. It was only three days ago that I learned that I need to have protein and simple carbs within 30 minutes after exercising, so my breakfast is going through some modifications. At least I finally put some vegetables craps to good use today – you know, those leaves and stems from celery, leftover cauliflower, some baby carrots, and the last tomato in the house. You can use any vegetable, but be sure to slice them small. I’d like to try this with spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli next time.

Here’s the original recipe from Mind Over Munch.

I didn’t have any egg whites so I used the last three eggs in the fridge. Yep, definitely need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

If you follow the original recipe and use only one whole egg and 3/4 cup egg whites each muffin is only 36 calories. Mine is 64 calories. Don’t use paper cups, I only did because I did not feel like washing the muffin pan.


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