Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes

I continue to explore low calorie meals with carbs and protein, as I am trying to get fit and need to eat smaller meals every 4 hours. These meals range from 100 calories (deviled eggs) to 200 calories (tofu chowder). IMG_20140130_113908 Healthy deviled eggs – instead of using egg yolk and mayonnaise I mixed a quarter of avocado with two grape tomatoes with a teeny bit of salt. RECIPE: Avocado Deviled Eggs IMG_20140130_155424 The steak we had last night was too big, so I set aside some to make my favorite Vietnamese Beef Salad. Simply add thinly sliced steak to spring mix with carrots and onions. I only used a couple teaspoon of the sauce. The recipe is one of Prevention magazine’s Flat belly Diet Recipe. Even when I halved the quantity of ingredients I was still left with about a 1/3 cup of sauce. RECIPE: Vietnamese Beef Salad IMG_20140129_202538 Well, not exactly a new recipe. These are stuff I add to a leafy salad, but I got tired of these ending up in the bottom of the serving bowl. Of course, they’re perfect as healthy finger food, and they look so appetizing on this brightly colored plate. The pine nuts provide protein. tofu I have been using the recipe for the tofu chowder for years, but I realize now that it can get way too high in sodium if I’m not careful in choosing the ingredients. Avoid canned products, if possible. Look for the low sodium chicken broth. I used a cup frozen peas and carrots to save time, although back in Pakistan I could easily buy shelled fresh peas. RECIPE: Tofu and Corn Chowder


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