No Buts About It

london-mccabe-youtubeAll children, disabled or non disabled, deserve the chance to reach their potential

NO BUTS because his mother was “overwhelmed”

NO BUTS because his father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

NO BUTS because he is severely autistic and non-verbal

NO BUTS because autistic children are supposedly “unable to be in a reciprocal relationship”

NO BUTS because parents of autistic children “don’t really experience love” from their children

The last two are quotes from a CSU psychology professor who calls herself an expert on developmental disability and parent-child relationship (Ha!)


Can you imagine telling your child “I understand why people kill their children” because they are disabled, because they are a burden to their families and society, because they are different, because they don’t express love the way we do … because, because, because ??? How many more children out there are going to be victims of violence and abuse for those reasons?

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.00.07 PMLINKS

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