Hello Again

I have been neglecting this site — just not feeling motivated to blog until now. It seems redundant when I have different groups and pages on Facebook about international school teaching, cooking, nutrition, gardening, hiking, and Spokane. I also have a very active fitness and nutrition account on Instagram (which you can see here).

DIY Summer Camp

So I’m just going to share the DIY Summer Camp that we organized with our child’s playmates and neighbors. We could not afford the high cost of day camps so we turned to the Internet, particularly Pinterest, for some ideas. It was great that for the first two weeks of summer our kids were able to go to Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the neighborhood. After that I came up with a theme for each day:

  • Monday was Library Day, because our local library scheduled activities featuring visiting performers like Herman and the Invisible Band, Knights of Veritas, and Star Wars Day.
  • Tuesday was Games Day. We had water balloon and squirt gun fights, slip n’ slide, balloon stomp, kick ball, etc.
  • Wednesday was Parks & Playground Day. We took the kids hiking on the Little Spokane River Painted Rocks Trail a week before a wild fire made it unsafe. We also had an awesome picnic with BBQ at Bear Lake before the burn ban. The kids also have been the Pine River Park (last day of school), Liberty Lake, Riverside State Park Bowl & Pitcher, and Mt. Spokane. Next week we’re going to take them across the border to Idaho’s Coeur D’Alene Beach and Playground.
  • Thursday was Arts & Crafts Day. Who knew pipe cleaners could be lots of fun? The kids made sea animals like fishes, octopi, and star fishes … and you can even “fish” them if you attach a magnet to a fishing pole. Just before the 4th of July they decorated foam sunvisors with their names (using litter glue pens) and stickers. They also made their own marble run out of boxes and popsicle sticks.

Our moms are good at finding free or discounted rates. We’ve taken the kids to the county water park and movies as well ($5 for 9 tickets).

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