Creating Christmas Memories Week 1

We work hard to keep the Christmas spirit strong in our home. These are the activities we did the weekend right after Thanksgiving.

Christmas Tree(s)

The first thing we did as soon as Thanksgiving was over (besides ordering some presents on Black Friday) was take out all the Christmas decorations and had our 8-year old decorate the tree. Before and after the Seahawks game Dad rearranged the furniture so the Christmas tree would be right by the living room window. He also put lights on the two fir trees by the driveway.

Many of our Christmas tree ornaments and decorations come with their own stories like my husband’s Santa collection from his childhood that his mother turned over to us after we were married. These represent his various interests such as skiing Santas and musician Santa. Others were handmade souvenirs collected from countries we lived in and mostly non-breakable because those were the years when we had four cats and a baby.

Christmas Books

Our collection of Christmas books is meager, less than 12 in fact, but I found enough books in thrift stores and our public library so we could start reading at least one Christmas book each day. I made a list on Pinterest. You will note that many have Christ-centered themes, but other elements and characters associated with Christmas like Santa and Rudolph are also present. We have some of these, and have read about half.

2015-12-20 09.44.24

Advent Calendar

Back when we still lived overseas and always traveled during winter break I found a felt advent calendar that was easy to carry around. We still use it until now, but I was inspired by the 25 Days of Christ kit to come up with our own handmade advent ornaments. I found a tub of Christmas cookie cutters at the thrift store and used these to cut shapes from felt which I hand-sewed with polyfill fiber stuffing. They look cute with the number pins from Michael’s. But it wasn’t such a good idea after all, because I got very busy with other tasks and work as substitute teacher. It’s now Dec. 20 and I still only have eight. The idea was to match the ornament with the book we’re reading, so we have a Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, sleigh, and even a dinosaur for the book “Dinosaur Christmas.” But even though I have 20 cookie designs, it also started to get difficult to match these to the books I have. Of course I will try to finish this project seeing that classes are over now.


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