Creating Christmas Memories Week 2

The first weekend of December had us driving all over town with our son’s best friend, Z. When you live in Spokane there are many events and activities to choose from.

Home Depot Kids Workshop


Home Depot holds a free kids workshop every first Saturday of the month. J has been to four previous ones, but this was the first one for Z. It’s cool that the kids get to build toys using a few pieces of wood, hammer, glue, and nails. My only gripe is they don’t provide paint in Spokane, unlike the Home Depot that my cousin in Michigan goes to — and she’s always posting photos of her daughters’ colorful projects. In fact, I learned about the kids workshop thru her Facebook. My sister-in-law took her son to the Home Depot in Wenatchee, WA and they also got paint, but she told me it was too messy that I’m better off without it. Oh well, our boys didn’t care. J did use up a lot of markers trying to color the base black.

Writing A Letter to Santa

Okay, this is one activity that we never thought would be so complicated.

We like this Letter to Santa template because it’s not just a list of what kids want from Santa. First of all, they have to write why they deserve to be on Santa’s Nice List. Second, it makes them think about their friends and what they should get from Santa as well.

We had fun discussing their thoughts and ideas to fill in the blanks. Getting them to copy everything by hand was tedious work, though. That’s why this activity took us over two hours.


Once we got the letter and envelope done we drove to the mall downtown where Santa was holding court. The boys personally presented their letters and had their pictures taken with Santa. By the way, this is J’s third Christmas in Spokane and third portrait with Santa. It is interesting to put all three pictures in a collage for our Christmas card and see how he’s grown while Santa looks pretty much the same.


Spokane Winter Glow Spectacular

We walked to the city park to check out the Christmas light display. It’s wonderful and free! J loved the North Pole and Animal Light Zoo best. If we had more time it would have been nice to get on the Polar Express  and the horse carriage rides, but since the display is on until New Year’s eve we can schedule another visit downtown.

Journey to Bethlehem

Imagine traveling back in time to Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. The Journey to Bethlehem living Nativity is a must-see for those who wish to observe a more Christ-centered Christmas. A hundred actors – men, women, children – from seven denominations take part in this pageant. There are also live animals including a camel. We had no idea this was a big event, so when we saw the long long long line (2,500 visitors that night) after a long day we called it off. We came back the next day, making sure to arrive 30 minutes early and had no trouble finding a parking spot and walking right in the church. No doubt we’ll be making this a part of our annual family Christmas tradition from now on.


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