Creating Christmas Memories Week 3

Journey to the North Pole Cruise

We crossed the state line to take our 8-year old on a cruise to the North Pole at Lake Couer D’Alene, Idaho. I’m glad we got 50 percent off (Groupon) because it was a trip I never thought we’d do again. Last year he kept insisting, “that’s not Santa, that’s a man in a costume” wherever we took him. But he watched the Polar Express many times and would not stop asking, “when are we going to the North Pole?”

Compared to last year we were certainly luckier this time because it wasn’t raining and the boat was a lot less crowded, maybe because we booked a later cruise on school night. My husband certainly appreciated that all the stores were already closed at that hour. Besides Frosty and some elves our son also got to meet Jack Frost, his favorite character from Rise of the Guardians. He was also pretty excited to see the Grinch lurking on the docks.

Hearing Santa read the names of kids on the Nice list remains my favorite part. Our son got very quiet and tense, especially when his friends’ names were called out. Just like last year his name was among the last 5 or 10 that Santa read. It was so cute to see the look of relief on his face as he fist-pumped the air.

Advance Present from Santa

Last year I got one of the elves to have the mall Santa give our son a Christmas book as “advance present.” This year I simply distracted our son so his dad could slip in the present. Because he was so fascinated by the Polar Express movie and wanted a silver bell I not only got him a silver bell (at Michael’s, of course) but also wrapped it in similar foil candy cane wrapper (from Costco) just like in the movie. And I added a musical Santa toy (from a thrift store) that sings “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Oh, I got such a big kick when he opened the car and found the present on his booster seat, and a bigger kick when he saw what was in the box, “I’ve always wanted this!,” he exclaimed. He now goes to sleep every night  with that Santa toy.

DIY Christmas Ornament Project

Over the weekend my son and I worked on our Christmas presents for his grandparents, aunts, teachers and friends. I chose the melted snowman ornament after seeing a former student bring one to our school secretary last year. It’s really pretty cool yet easy to put together once you have all the materials from Michael’s and the grocery store: the glass ornaments, salt, peppercorns, silk ribbons, and orange polymer clay to make the carrot noses. For the arms I simply snapped off some twigs from our bushes.

Instructions: Melted Snowman Ornament

Everyone in the family chipped in, that is, our son put everything in after I poured the salt, and the hubby helped tape the ribbon around the ornament. That was our son’s own idea, by the way, which made our ornament different.

2015-12-23 23.53.05

To the ornament we also added a cute poem with our son’s picture:

I made a little snowman

I made him round and fat

Then the sun came out and melted him

Now my snowman’s flat

Lastly, we put the ornament in this cute cookie box with handles. We kept one for ourselves. Because the ornament is made of somewhat heavy large glass ball  we did not hang it up our tree, but set it safely on a jar lid on our bookshelf.


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