Creating Christmas Memories Week 4


Snow, snow, and more snow

How fitting that on the last day of school we started to get snow and more snow that weekend. The kids on our cul de sac had a blast building snowmen and pelting each other with snowballs. One family tied their German Shepherd to a sled and let him loose on the unplowed street with their 7-year old on it.

We took our son and his playmates to a conservation area in North Spokane, just two miles from our place, with hills that were perfect for sledding for beginners and those with intermediate skills alike.

Cookie Party


And no Christmas is perfect without cookies. Once again we invited our neighbor over for a “cookie party.” It was a good opportunity to use the set of 40 Christmas cookie cutters that I bought at the thrift store. We baked sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, and my favorite: edible playdo cookies. The kids helped prepare and decorate the first batches, but once it started to snow again they abandoned us for another snowball fight in the backyard. Us moms had to finish the job, and that’s how I discovered how talented our neighbor is with the fabulous cookies she made.

Edible Playdoh Cookie Recipe

Letter from Santa

It’s cool that our son got a letter from one of Santa’s elves (thru his school) explaining that Santa was very busy, but it’s way even better to actually have a letter from Santa himself delivered to our mailbox three days before Christmas! Here is the ready-to-print letter where you can add your child’s name and city/place.

On Christmas eve we followed Santa’s instructions and left not only sugar cookies and milk for him, but also carrots for his reindeer. It tied up perfectly with the book we were reading, “The Night Before Christmas” so our son could count the number of reindeer and their names.

On Christmas Day he woke up everyone in the household yelling, “Santa ate all the cookies, drank the milk, and took the carrots for his reindeer!”

Christmas with Family

For children, the best Christmas are always the ones celebrated with family, especially when their grandparents, aunts and uncles shower them with presents, and when they have cousins to play with.

As grownups did their last minute shopping and preparations it is often a challenge to keep the kids away from the TV and gadgets. Thankfully I scored a lot of Christmas craft kits from Michael’s (50-70 percent off) to keep them busy. We also made snocones from real snow, which the boys loved. Grandpa’s backyard is also good for sledding, but the best place turned out to be the Chelan Golf Course.



2 thoughts on “Creating Christmas Memories Week 4

  1. Lovely, so great you are creating happy family memories. Lucky you having snow. Here in England it’s just rainy. We may get a couple of days snow on the ground in January if we’re lucky. That’s the climate here. I love snow. Happy Christmas!

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