A Nerf Battle Party

Wow, has another year gone by already? Okay, I’m going straight to winter again instead of talking about what we did in spring, summer, or fall. Because, well, our son had a really neat 9th birthday party because we were able to hold it outdoors in November!


He’s been wanting a Nerf battle party since we took him to a Nerf arena, except the business closed and the nearest one is in Idaho. Once the guest list exceeded 24 boys I certainly didn’t want it in our backyard either, so rain or shine we advised our guests and their parents, it will be held in a park. We couldn’t believe our luck when we had beautiful clear, blue skies that day!

So what do you need to have a Nerf battle themed birthday party besides a good weather and outdoor venue? Lots of Nerf guns of course! We got some good ones from thrift stores, as you can see from the price. But for most part, everyone but two of our guests brought their own, and not just one but two or more to share.


The next component, which is important, are the ammo. I have Amazon Prime to thank for that. I ordered 500 darts, and gave each guest 10 as part of their party favor bag. We also told them that every dart they find and pick they can keep. Why would I want darts in my own home? Through Amazon we also got safety lenses, mesh drawstring bags, and bandannas. The bandannas were in blue and green, because there was supposed to be a real battle but none of the grownups had the energy to officiate it.


That’s okay, everyone still had fun shooting at each other and the targets that our wonderful neighbors made out of buckets. To complete the theme my husband decorated the venue with blue and orange balloons, some of which were attached to trees for kids to shoot at. Afterwards we brought the remaining guns, ammo (and there were still a lot lef), targets and balloons back home so the kids can continue to play although the weather has not been ideal for outdoor games since.

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