Baked Tuna Balls

Here’s my version of tuna balls – just 40 calories each, great as snack, for pre-workout or post-workout munch, or perhaps even pasta. I did not have sweet potato so I used regular potato. I also added onions, but will use celery next time just because I always like my tuna salad with celery.

My new diet is challenging my creativity. Eating a complete but small meal of carbs and proteins every three hours, and stick to 1,200-1,400 calories a day. So I am constantly looking for something to eat that is 200 calories, and am pleased with this one. Just need to tweak it some more for my taste buds – too much cilantro I think.

2014-01-25 11.40.07

The bread crumbs can be gluten-free. I also wonder if parsley would be better than cilantro.


2014-01-25 11.58.20

Mix everything together except the corn flakes crumbs

2014-01-25 12.03.57


I grind corn flakes for the crumb coating, but you can use regular or gluten-free crumbs, too

2014-01-25 12.06.35

I use a cookie dough scoop for consistent size, then roll them to coat in cornflakes crumbs

2014-01-25 12.17.16

I made 12 balls with a third left, which I kept in the fridge. Bake at 400F for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy with or without your favorite sauce.

The original recipe is called Sweet Potato & Tuna Balls.


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